My campaign for State House has ended; thank you for your interest

Several weeks ago, I made the decision to run for State Representative. After reading Jay Rodne’s comments on Facebook, my resolve to elect new, dignified leadership to represent the 5th Legislative District became even stronger. Since my party had not yet found challenger to Rodne, I decided to step up and take on the challenge. As other Democrats enter the race for Jay Rodne’s seat, I think it makes sense for me to stand down, and concentrate on local politics here at home, and the community projects that make our region such a great place to live.

Given how much there is to do in 2016, I intend to put my energies into defeating Tim Eyman’s next initiative, electing a Democratic president, and electing other Democrats to local and statewide office. I am therefore ending my campaign.

Politics is a tough business for women, from city council races all the way up to President. The decision to step up in the first place is hard. Women are criticized for things that men are not. The climate has improved even in the past decade, but we still see a smaller number of women entering politics than men. Fewer than a third of our state legislators are women. I would like to see that change, and I’m glad to be a part of efforts to ensure that more women get elected.

I am very proud to be part of this community that values brotherhood, sisterhood, and peace. I’m honored to live in a community that has the bravery to shame elected leaders who use ignorant, hate filled messages as a way to communicate their platforms.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered, donated, or expressed their willingness to help me. It’s much appreciated.

~ Essie